Typical Claim Figures

It is not possible to tell you exactly how much compensation you might receive, however, we can provide you with guidelines of typical compensation awards for different types of injuries as follows:-

Head Injury - Minor

The level of the award will be affected by the severity of the initial injury, the period taken to recover, extent of continuing symptoms and presence or absence of headaches

£2,210 to £12,770

Simple fracture to tibia or fibula (leg)

up to £11,840

Fractured clavicle (collar bone)

£5,150 to £12,240

Back injury-Minor

Consisting of less serious sprains, strains, disc prolapses, soft tissue injuries or fractures (without surgery) where a full recovery or recovery to nuisance level has been made within about 3 months 

Up to £2,450 


Serious dislocation of the shoulder and damage causing pain in the shoulder and neck etc 

£12,770 to £19,200

Arms-Fracture of one or both forearms

Simple fracture of the forearm 

£6,610 to £19,200

Fractured wrist

An uncomplicated “Colles" fracture (typical in tripping and falling injures)

In the region of £7,430

Fracture of index finger

£9,110 to £12,240

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