Road Traffic Accidents

A road traffic accident involves accidents involving collisions between road vehicles and other vehicles, pedestrians, animals or obstructions.

Such accidents are a common cause of action in personal injury claims. All drivers of motorised vehicles on roads are required to have insurance cover to deal with such claims.

If you are a car driver, passenger, cyclist, motorcyclist, horse rider, using a mobility device or pedestrian that has suffered injuries due to the negligence of the driver of another vehicle then you will be entitled to claim compensation for your injury.

Our Accident Claims Wales lawyers have handled many successfully road traffic accident compensation claims including:

  • Claims involving uninsured victims and drivers
  • Hit and Run Claims
  • Whiplash Claims
  • Compensation Claims involving drivers
  • Brain and spinal injuries
  • Compensation Claims for children
  • Injuries to motorcyclists
  • Injuries to horse riders 
  • Injuries involving pedestrians
  • Injuries to motorcyclists
  • Injuries caused by defective vehicles
  • Claims made by passengers on buses or trains 
  • Fatal road traffic accidents 

The most common type of injury arising out of a car accident is whiplash, however it may be that you have suffered a variety of injuries such as a head injury, shoulder injury or a fracture. Sady, it may even be a fatal accident. 

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To speak to one of our team –

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  • Text “legal claim" to 88440 and one of our lawyers will call you back