Accident at Work Cardiff, Wales
Accident at Work Cardiff, Wales

Accidents at Work

Accident Claims Wales has a department dedicated to accident at work compensation claims. An accident at work can occur in any workplace not just factories and construction sites but also in office environments e.g. slipping on a wet floor at work or injuring yourself due to defective machinery or falling from height due to a failure to take adequate health and safety precautions.

Accident Claims Wales have experienced specialists in handling substantial compensation claims in every work place, particular accident at work claims in Cardiff and across South Wales. If you suffer an accident at work you may be able to make a no win no fee personal injury claim.

Accident Claims Wales have successfully handled accidents at work such as:

  • Defective machinery or dangerous machinery
  • Slips or trips on debris or dangerous surfaces
  • Injuries involving lifting or manual handling
  • Injuries suffered in the construction industry
  • Injuries suffered in the food industry
  • Exposure to harmful and dangerous substances
  • Employees exposed to violent attacks by patients or customers

In order to succeed in an accident at work claim you will need to prove that your injuries were your employer's negligence or breach of one of the workplace regulations. The workplace regulations mean that all employers in the UK are to ensure that the working environment is safe and the risk of an accident is kept to its lowest level reasonably practicable.  An employer has to comply with the Health and Safety Regulations that have been put in place. The Health and Safety Executive estimate that individual employees lose around five hundred and fifty eight million pounds a year in reduced income and additional expenditure as a result of accidents at work.

Personal Injury victims and their families suffer in the form of pain, grief and loss of amenity. Accident Claims Wales specialise in accidents at work in areas such as the food industry, injuries involving lifting or manual handling and accidents arising from falls, trips or slips.

Accident Claims Wales are specialist accident claims lawyers, with dedicated offices in Cardiff, Newport and Pontypool.  We provide accident at work compensation advice, information on the effect on your employment and your financial circumstances such as any benefits you may receive.

You should therefore contact us to obtain specialist advice about whether you are eligible to make a claim for compensation arising out of an accident at work by either contacting us on freephone 02921 000136 or by filling out the short online claim form.